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Investment Management

Customized Investment Strategies

Full Spectrum Investment Platform

Non-Traditional Investment Expertise

Retirement Planning

Retirement Income Strategies

Retirement Investing

Tax Optimization Strategies

Executive Compensation

Equity Award & Deferred Comp Utilization

Tax & Cash Flow Coordination

Investment & Tax Deferral Integration


Tax Planning

Cash Flow Analysis

Proactive Tax Planning

Niche Tax Strategies

Estate Planning

Wills/Power of Attorney/Health Care Directive

Gifting Strategies/Philanthropic

Estate Tax & Asset Protection

Insurance Analysis


Life Insurance

Health/Disability/Long-Term Care/Liability

Integrated Wealth Management - Adding Alpha

Keen Capital's integrated wealth management process, of which investment management is an important component, adds a significant amount of quantitative and qualitative economic benefit (Alpha) for our clients. 

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The Complete Financial Picture

Keen Capital works with your other financial professionals and providers to coordinate your wealth

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