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Cultivating Trusting Relationships

While Producing Lasting Investment Results

At Keen Capital, we believe that everyone deserves solid, objective planning and investment management in an atmosphere of trust and transparency.  Our unique 'fee only' approach means that compensation is not tied to any commission-based product or service.  This high level of flexibility and customization provides the needed transparency often lacking in this critical profession.  


We pride ourselves on providing best-fit customized solutions whether they reside conveniently on our custodial investment platform or outside of it.  We believe that investment management is an integral subset of comprehensive wealth management rather than the inverse which is often the case.

Our Investment Philosophy

  • Strategic asset allocation with a tactical lean

  • A commitment to broadly diversified portfolios

  • Strong adherence to Nobel Prize Winning research

  • Use of low-cost investments

Traditional & Alternative

Asset Classes Utilized

  • Equities

  • Bonds

  • Direct Real Estate

  • Private Equity

  • Private Debt

  • Fixed Investments

Wherever You Are In Life,

We Provide a Solid Plan

Let us help you assess your personal financial situation and determine the best, most cost-effective strategy that addresses your nagging concerns.  You'll find yourself better off after consulting with professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to develop the right plan with you. 

Providing a Unique Approach 

with a Big Picture Point-of-view

We take pride in our approach of looking at each client with a wide lens rather than a narrow scope.  In order to serve our clients completely, we consider the big picture when determining the best financial outcome overall.  Because most people don't realize the importance of using such a broad point-of-view when outlining their own financial path, our experienced professionals help them to realize the benefits of a plan that is all encompassing. This unique insight fosters an understanding of the importance of being proactive in mobilizing entire wealth through the management of investments.  

By going the extra mile to look beyond the typical avenues for investing, we also consider the most innovative and creative investment opportunities that are relevant today and which will be sustainable for the days ahead.  As a result, we develop more diversified portfolios that generate growth and longevity.  This is especially important for those clients who are already well-funded for retirement and seek alternative investments to achieve long-term goals.  This kind of thinking ensures that no stone is left unturned in an atmosphere that is constantly in motion.

Blue Printing Your Future

For Some Peace of Mind Today  

We employ a disciplined approach to managing investments that is grounded in low cost investing, tax efficiency, and diversification.  Our Investment Management includes:​​

  • development, implementation, and monitoring of the financial plan.

  • discretionary and/or non-discretionary investment management.

  • implementation and active management of your portfolio; assets are held with our custodian or third-party asset managers.

  • working with you to implement and monitor the recommended asset allocation of your investments held in your employer's retirement plan or at other financial institutions (401k/403b, brokerage accounts, mutual funds, etc.) 

  • periodic reviews to monitor your investment plan including performance reviews, rebalancing, and reallocation.

  • updating the financial plan on an annual basis to adjust to your changing circumstances, priorities, and life events. 

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