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Our Firm

At Keen Capital, we believe planning should be accessible to everyone no matter a person’s income level or accumulated wealth.  

As an independent, fee-only firm, we offer a wide variety of individually tailored planning services to people from all walks of life.  Everyone's situation and circumstances are unique and, as such, our approach is flexible and can be personalized to meet diverse needs.

Why Many Fail to Plan  

The financial services industry tends to ignore the individuals and families that need planning the most because they don’t have the right level of assets.  This attitude is driven by a business compensated by commissions generated through the sale of products and services.  This outdated and highly questionable financial advising model is filled with hidden fees and technical language that leaves consumers confused and frustrated.  Creating even greater confusion are the numerous titles used throughout the business (financial advisor, financial consultant, investment manager, wealth manager, relationship consultant, private banker, etc.).  No wonder many clients opt for no action at all.

Introduce Simplicity

Don’t let this complexity and lack of transparency keep you from putting together a plan that will provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that you are headed to a brighter financial future.  We believe that everyone deserves solid, objective financial planning and that is why we have structured our firm as “fee only”;  it is compensation provided directly by our clients and not tied to any commission based product or service. We give objective investment advice but we do not require assets to be held under management. This high level of flexibility and customization provides the transparency and objectivity lacking in this critical profession.

High Standards

As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), our firm adheres to and strongly believe in the fiduciary standards:  

  • Serve the client's best interest

  • Act in utmost good faith

  • Act prudently—with the care, skill, and judgment of a professional

  • Avoid conflicts of interest

  • Disclose all material facts

  • Control investment expenses

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