Investment Management


If you feel that you don't have the time, interest, discipline, or expertise to manage your own investments, Investment Management may be the ideal solution. We employ a disciplined approach to managing investments that is grounded in low cost investing, tax efficiency, and diversification. 

It all starts with planning to identify your investment goals and developing a sustainable investment strategy that's in-line with your tolerance for risk. In most cases, we leverage the power of low cost, no-load mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs). Once in place, we follow a disciplined, tax efficient rebalancing strategy and make adjustments when warranted by changes in your situation. We do not believe in timing the market. 

The Investment Management solution includes:

  • development, implementation, and monitoring of the financial plan.

  • discretionary or non-discretionary investment management. 

  • implementation and active management of your portfolio; assets are held with our custodian or third-party asset manager. 

  • working with you to implement and monitor the recommended asset allocation of your investments held in your employer's retirement plan or at other financial institution(s) (401k/403b, brokerage accounts, mutual funds, etc.). 

  • quarterly reviews - performance reviews, rebalancing, and reallocation.

  • updating of the financial plan on an annual basis to adjust to your changing circumstances, priorities, and life events.


Ideal for clients who:

  • are not self-directed investors.

  • feel that consolidation of their investments will aid in the organization of their financial life, reduce risk, and provide greater ease of management. 

  • do not feel that they have the time, knowledge, and discipline to manage their own assets. 

  • desire a partner who will put a plan in place, manage the direction of their assets, monitor the performance through quarterly reviews, and annually update their financial plan.