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Planning Areas

Retirement Planning

How much should we be putting away for retirement? How do we know if we are saving enough?

Retirement Income Strategies

What's the most tax-efficient retirement income strategy? How do we maintain our way of life now that we are about to retire? 

Estate Planning

We would like to leave what we can to our children and grandchildren, what do we need in place to be sure our wishes are communicated and carried out?

Tax Planning

How can we reduce our tax burden each year? What are some tax strategies we can employ?


How should we be investing our money? We're not big risk takers but we don't want to be too conservative.

Asset Protection

Now that we're retiring, what's the best way to protect what we've saved?  We don't want to risk running out of money. 

Cash Flow & Budget Management

How can we increase our savings and stay within our budget?

Education Funding & Financial Aid

What's the best way to fund the kids' college education? What financial aid is available to us? 

Insurance/Risk Exposure

Will my family be protected if something happens to me? What if I am unable to work? How will we make ends meet?

Charitable Giving

We would like to leave something substantial to several charities, can we begin to give now or should we wait and pass it on through our estate?

Special Needs Planning

We have a special needs child, how will we financially provide for her if we are not there to do so?  

Business Succession Planning

Now that it's time to retire, how do I transition out of my business so that it will provide for my family and me?

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