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Our Process


We start with a no fee, initial Discovery Meeting where we get acquainted, discuss what you'd like to accomplish, and determine how our firm can help improve your situation. If we mutually agree that it makes sense to move forward in the planning process, we’ll decide upon the level and complexity of planning. From there, we undertake a/an:

  • Identification of your financial and personal goals and objectives (funding a child’s education, developing an efficient retirement income strategy, passing on wealth to the next generation, etc.) The identified goals and objectives are specific, realistic, and measurable. All goals include time horizons. An in-depth discussion of risk is undertaken and your risk tolerance is determined. 

  • Assessment of your present financial situation by collecting information regarding net worth and cash flow statements, tax returns, insurance policies, investment portfolios, pension plans, employee benefit statements, etc.

  • Resolution of finance related issues. Obstacles to achieving financial independence are identified so that resolution may occur. Examples of issues areas can include too little or too much insurance coverage, inadequate cash flow, a high tax burden, inadequate retirement savings, high levels of exposure to risk, inappropriate or deficient estate planning, etc.

  • Design a written financial plan that includes recommendations and solutions to any financial related issues.

  • Implementation of the financial plan. The financial plan is finalized and agreed upon. The recommendations and solutions are executed to increase the probability of reaching your goals and objectives. This is the most critical step in the process; without action, your goals may not be realized. 

  • Evaluation and Monitoring of the financial plan.  The planning process provides periodic review and revision of the plan to assist in the achievement of financial goals. This periodic review looks back at all aspects of the financial plan to evaluate progress. Modifications and adjustments to the financial plan, including changes in risk tolerance and account reallocation/rebalancing, are undertaken to adapt to the changes in your life and circumstances. The frequency of this periodic review (quarterly, semi-annually, annually) is determined by your preferences.


Planning produces piece of mind and it is our role to partner with you in this mission of discovery and action.

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