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Investment Advising


Given the fact that planning is an ongoing process to help clients' make sensible, prudent decisions about their finances, we work with the majority of our clients on a retained, comprehensive basis. We also provide a high level of flexibility in implementing our recommendations and managing investments. 

The Investment Advising solution allows Keen Capital the ability to advise you on captured assets (401K, 403b, RSUs, ISOs, Annuities, Life Insurance, Executive Compensation Arrangements, etc.).  It also provides you with the option of choosing your own investment provider(s). 

The Investment Advising solution includes:

  • development, implementation, and monitoring of the financial plan.

  • working with you to implement and monitor the recommended asset allocation of your investments held at your financial institution(s) (brokerage accounts, mutual funds, 401k/403b, etc.). 

  • non-discretionary investment advisory services in which you choose your preferred custodian/investment company (i.e. Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab, etc.). 

  • periodic reviews (quarterly, semi-annul, annual, based on your preference) to monitor your investment plan including performance reviews, rebalancing, and reallocation.

  • updating of the financial plan on an annual basis to adjust to your changing circumstances, priorities, and life events. 


Ideal for clients who:

  • are traditionally self-directed investors.

  • would like a financial professional to develop and execute a plan but would prefer to retain control of their investments. 

  • tend to have the time, knowledge, and discipline to manage their own assets. 

  • desire a partner who will put a plan in place, assist in monitoring the performance and direction of their assets through periodic reviews, and annually update their financial plan.


After completing the Comprehensive Planning process, some clients may be more comfortable delegating the management responsibilities of their investments full-time. Therefore, Keen Capital's Investment Management solution may be most appropriate. (see Investment Management).  

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